Magic is Dead. It is for the magician to convince his audience to believe otherwise by any means necessary.

We recognise Magic as a sacred art and we embrace our responsibility as representatives of our artistry.

We pledge an eternal commitment to the proposition that Magic is Real.

Our principal objective is to provoke a confrontation of actuality, in order to momentarily liberate our audience from their perspective reality.

We acknowledge our limitations and vow to sacrifice any expression that does not promote a sincere and pragmatic belief in in our art.

We accept that we are only a channel of our art, and vow to never detract attention from the audience and their experience.

We fully commit to our purpose and accept every moment as an opportunity to practice or present expressions that manifest curiosity in our art.

The knife is real. Our art is not an avocation, we are the personified embodiment of our art.

Together we protect the flame. We do not keep the secrets from others, we keep them for others.